Create virtual tours in the Unreal Engine 4

The team at VRtual Media has fantastic news. All fans of the Unreal Engine 4 now can use our official UE4 plugin to create fantastic virtual tours of all the environments you have created. The only thing you need is an account at Around Media. You can get one at

Always wanted to show all of your beautifully created UE4 levels? Now it is possible thanks to our DIY plugin!

Install the plugin, mark the spots and let our magic do the rest. Afterwards, you can edit and share your virtual tours with the world via our Around Media portal.

Interested? Then immediately download the plugin and follow the instructions below.
Welcome to the wonderous world of DIY virtual tours!

STEP 1 : Download the plugin


STEP 2 : Install the plugin

Press next to start the installation. Follow the instructions of the installer and start the Unreal Editor.
Note: Only Unreal Engine 4.14 is supported at the moment.








STEP 3 : Place the first Tourspot in your scene

You will find a new category called Around360 with an object called Tourspot in the editor. Drag a Tourspot in your scene at the place you want to create a spherical capture.














In the details pane give the spot a name. The is first spot checkbox determines if this is the startpoint of a tour.

Hooray! You've created your first tourspot in the Unreal Engine 4. Now lets continue with completing the virtual tour.


STEP 4 : Complete the tour setup

Press and hold Alt while dragging one of the axis arrows to create a duplicate of this Tourspot. 





We call this spot 'Living'.

De SpotsToLink  now contains a new element our kitchen Tourspot. In the details pane of the kitchen Tourspot you will find the Living Tourspot added to it’s Spotstolink. These spots are now linked together and a spot with the name Living will appear in the tour online later.

You can link all Tourspots located in the scene with the ‘Add all spots’ button or only the closest Tourspot with the ‘Add closest spot’ button to the SpotstoLink of a Tourspot.

Every element added in this section will appear as a spot (a button) in the online tour of this panorama rendered from this Tourspot.


STEP 5: Start the plugin and let the magic do the rest

Click theAround360 button in the toolbar. Login with your Around Media account. If you don't have one, create one on the following page









Once you are logged on, fill in the name and description of the virtual tour you just prepared. Optionally, you can add an emailadress to notify you when the rendering is complete and the tour has been uploaded.

Last, but not least, click on Render & Upload Tourto let the magic do its work!









Now you have to wait until all images are rendered properly. You can press Cancel or ESCto cancel the process.

The last step is the uploading of the images.




STEP 6 : Look at your tour online.

Click on the 'Open Website' button to view your tour online. You'll be asked to fill in a private code. Copy this code by clicking on 'Copy Private Code' te klikken. Paste the code in the field online, and enjoy your tour.





STEP 7 : Share the tour with all your friends!

Look at your tour online! You can see all the spots you have created beautifully linked together.

To edit your tour go to, login and feel free to tinker with your virtual tours. Once you logged on, you can implement a tour in your website or edit your tours. Good luck!

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