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3D Visuals and Virtual Reality

VRtual Media is virtual reality, images and films combined into one company. We are digital wizards, creating compelling worlds and making them your very own playground. We automate, create and innovate. And always think further than expected. Take your projects to the next level and let yourself be convinced by our projects. 

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Paul Huyzentruyt - Gentsestraat

At Huyzentruyt they use BIM modeling to ensure the quality of the project and  that everything is created within budget. BIM modeling is a great tool and when VRtual Media recieved the models we created beautifull images with these files, making sure the marketing could use them as well as the project managers. 

Poppe - WarmenHaard

A modern project for young people starting a family, this is what real estate is about. The corner project by Bouwpartners Poppe features great balconies and a timeless architecture. To show what the project would look like once finished we chose to integrate the 3D into real pictures. 

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